Creating charts in SharePoint is now a child's play with Visifire for SharePoint. It's a wizard driven solution to create stunning SharePoint charts. With it you can generate your first chart in a few minutes. It offers wide range of chart types, rich interactivity and pleasing animations. And all this without writing even a single line of code. It works with WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2007 Server, SharePoint 2010 Server and SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint 2013 Server and SharePoint Foundation 2013. Try it now!
  • Filtering
  • Group by Multiple Fields
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Split by Option
  • Sort Data (Order By Multiple Fields)
  • Wide Range of 2D/3D Chart Types
  • Combination Charts
  • Easy Styling
  • Live Preview
Works with
  • CustomList
  • Form Library
  • TaskList
  • Subsite List
  • Excel
  • Business Connectivity Service List
Available chart types
  • Column Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Quick Line Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Combination Charts
  • CandleStick Charts
  • Stock Charts
  • Funnel Charts
  • Polar Charts
  • Pyramid Charts
  • Spline Charts
  • Stacked Charts
  • Bubble Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Step Line Charts
  • Doughnut Charts
  • Radar Charts