Gets or Sets the gap after which the labels or grids or ticks will repeat in a Axis. The value of  Interval property should always be greater than Zero.


Type: Double

Namespace: Visifire.Charts



SLVisifire.Charts (in SLVisifire.Charts.dll)


WPFVisifire.Charts (in WPFVisifire.Charts.dll)

Windows Phone:

SLWpVisifire.Charts (in SLWpVisifire.Charts.dll)

Windows 8:

Win8Visifire.Charts (in Win8Visifire.Charts.dll)


This attribute applies to:



<vc:Chart ... >


<vc:Axis Interval="1.0" />




Below is the chart after setting Interval property in Axis.






  1. Interval should always be greater than zero.

  2. By default the interval will depend on the values of the DataPoints.

  3. Interval will be calculated & AxisLabels will be placed automatically if interval is not specified.

  4. Interval at Axis will be used for Ticks, Grids & AxisLabels if interval is not specified for any of these individually.

  5. For single series Chart with only one DataPoint, some extra labels may appear in AxisLabels for AxisX. So in order to avoid showing extra labels in AxisX, Interval property can be set.

  6. For DateTime values in AxisX, Interval is dependent upon IntervalType property.

  7. You can also look into the topic Automatic Axis Range for setting Interval.

  8. If Logarithmic property is set to True in Axis, Interval value will be the difference between the power of LogarithmBase for two successive log values in Axis.