Gets or Sets the labels that must appear on the X-Axis for each DataPoint.  


Type: String

Namespace: Visifire.Charts



SLVisifire.Charts (in SLVisifire.Charts.dll)


WPFVisifire.Charts (in WPFVisifire.Charts.dll)

Windows Phone:

SLWpVisifire.Charts (in SLWpVisifire.Charts.dll)

Windows 8:

Win8Visifire.Charts (in Win8Visifire.Charts.dll)


This attribute applies to:



<vc:Chart ... >




<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel="Label1"  YValue="20"/>






Below is the chart after setting AxisXLabel property in DataPoint.






  1. Any string can be added as AxisXLabel.

  2. If 2 or more DataPoints have the same XValue then AxisXLabel of the latest one will be taken to represent the label for the XValue in the Axis.

  3. The Interval of the Axis and the AxisLabels element determines whether the label will be shown on the screen or not.

  4. If AxisXLabel is not set in DataPoint, by default axis label for that DataPoint will show auto generated XValue according to the index of that DataPoint.


See Also: Using XValue and AxisXLabel